I’m a software engineer on YouTube Trust and Safety, where I build machine learning models and data infrastructure handling billions of records.

Prior to joining Google, I founded ChanceU.com, an AI powered education startup focused on making college consulting services available to low and middle income students. I worked on research related to adversarial inputs in neural networks with Prof. Insup Lee and cloned a mini version of AlphaGo Zero for fun.

I graduated from the Jerome Fisher Program of Management of Technology of the University of Pennsylvania with majors in Computer Science, Finance, Business Analytics.

I deeply belive that solving the value alignment problem should be top priorities for ML researchers; building safe and secure systems is a noble cause for engineers. Influenced by the philosophies from the Effective Altruism Movement, I am determined to contribute to the field of AI Safety.

In this blog, I will write about interesting research progress in the field, as well as countless amusing failures throughout my learning adventures.